Samsung Galaxy S5 kernels

Below are some kernels for the Samsung Galaxy S5. You can find the source code here: Praise God! The AKLU kernel has arrived on the Galaxy S5 in the flavor […]

Searching an Array List

Searching an array list: // When we click the search button. public void searchACity (View searchView) { // Set our boolean to false. searchYes = false; // Defining an array […]

Yet again, error: package does not exist

By now, I think I would remember this one by heart, yet every time, this error throws me for a loop…. [CODE] external/apache-http/../../frameworks/base/core/java/android/net/http/ error: cannot find symbol import; ^ […]

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

As I was wrapping up my work on the upgrade to 7.1.2 on the S4, I ran into this error, which prevented the compiler from building the userdata.img file. Here’s […]

CID_PATH not defined!

In an attempt to update the AOKP 7.1.1 rom for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to 7.1.2, I received an error about AOKP712/hardware/libhardware_legacy/wifi/wifi.c:179.18. The error complained that the CID_PATH was not […]