Baofeng UV-5R Battery Fix

This Baofeng UV-5R was the first radio I ever purchased after getting my license. Actually, it was just plain the first ham related radio I ever purchased. But, it didn’t […]

OwonOszi on Linux

Last post I wrote about trying to use my Owon handheld oscilloscope (HDS242) with Linux. I had tried several options, and among them was one called OwonOszi. At the time, […]

Adding an x11vnc service

I usually am working on my servers through ssh. Occasionally, though, I find that I need to use the GUI. In those cases, I always tunnel my VNC connection over […]

Upgrading to Nextcloud 22.2.5

Typically, updating minor versions of Nextcloud is a straightforward and smooth process. Today’s update wasn’t much different, but did require some admin intervention on my part. After the update, there […]