I have been trying out numerous mods in an attempt to better understand how they are ported and how well they work. As I continue my studies, I have put MIUI (Me-I-You-I or Me-I-User-Interface, sort of a play on words) on my Motorola Flipside.

As with before, not too much work was done at the command line for this upgrade, as I already had Clockworkmod, and Cyanogen 7.2 on the phone, I simply used ADB to push the zip file and flashed it.

I retrieved the file here:

My other article about putting CWM and CM 7.2 on the MB508:

The only problem is that half of the menus are english, the other half appear to be Chinese. Other than that, it appears to work great, and has a really nice rotating cube screen transition effect.

Linux – Keep it simple.

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