For the most part, the process of installing a different rom on my cell phones is fairly mundane. For instance, in earlier posts, I describe in detail how to install PacMan rom on a Samsung Captivate Glide. I also mention flashing OmniRom, and just allude to it, as it is the same process as installing PacMan Rom.

Today however, I have installed something that went differently than before. I was working on my beautiful wife’s cell phone, and decided to install LiteRom instead of my usual candidates. Since the installation went somewhat differently then I expected, I decided to post it here, in the event that you decide to try it yourself.

The reason I wanted to try this rom is strictly because of the use of a different kernel. After putting OmniRom on my lovely wife’s phone, it started randomly crashing. The screen would pixellate and turn green, eventually locking up. I was hoping a new kernel and rom might help. So far, it appears to have made a difference, as I have not had that happen since. It will take several days of testing to be sure, though.

First and foremost, thanks to the guys at XDA developers who put this stuff together!

I downloaded Bubor’s copy:

As I have already flashed TWRP onto my i927, I didn’t need to do that portion again. If you are not at this point yet, please see my previous post:

So, once putting my LiteKernel and LiteROM zips onto the sdcard, I reboot the phone into TWRP by holding the down volume button and power button. Once inside the recovery mode, I perform a full wipe. Then, as instructed, I install the LiteKernel zip. No noticeable change of course, but as soon as I’m done with that, I also install the LiteRom zip.

Here is where things got interesting.

Rather than seeing a simple scrolling text install log, I was greeted by an icon that was shaking with the text “Aroma” under it. After a second, I was presented a sort of Android like first time boot options menu, except it was for various choices of what to install with the LiteRom. It was very thorough, going through which kernel to use, what radio to install, which apps to install, and it took several minutes to read through each list and make my selections. It was really quite impressive and felt very empowering. You were given the choice of what you wanted your phone to have on it, and it felt good!
Linux – keep it simple.

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