One of the things I do on a regular basis is use rdesktop to log into another computer (or cell phone) through xrdp. It is simple and works very well, as well as being very simple to set up. While not really a problem, I got bored of looking at the old xrdp icon and the simple xrdp logo for the interface. So, I decided to change it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know where that was done. I checked the xrdp.ini file, but it didn’t have any reference to the pictures used. A quick Google search led me to look in the /usr/local/share/xrdp folder. However, that folder didn’t exist in Debian. The article was for a RedHat/Fedora user, so I figured they just have a slightly different folder set up.

The article said that xrdp used bitmap files, so I just tried to look it up with locate and grep:

$ locate xrdp |grep bmp

When I opened that folder I could see that those files were in fact the icon and logo displayed during log in. While I still don’t know what points to these files, I decided to cheat and just change these files with my own. I used image magic to convert my files for my pictures, then copied them to the folder and renamed them.

$convert theme_tron.png tron.bmp
$convert android.jpg bg.bmp
$sudo cp bg.bmp /usr/share/xrdp/ad256.bmp
$sudo cp tron.bmp /usr/share/xrdp/xrdp256.bmp
$sudo convert /usr/share/xrdp/ad256.bmp -resize 25% /usr/share/xrdp/ad24b.bmp
$sudo convert /usr/share/xrdp/xrdp256.bmp -resize 25% /usr/share/xrdp/xrdp24b.bmp

Now when I log in, I get to see my custom login screen!

Linux – keep it simple.

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