Just another simple SlimRoms boot animation. I use Gimp to make each frame, and then zip them together like so:

$ zip -r -0 ./SlimHD.zip ./part0
$ zip -r -0 ./SlimHD.zip ./part1
$ zip -r -0 ./SlimHD.zip ./desc.txt

Where -r means recursive, and -0 means no compression.

Download the Zip file:

Animated GIF:

The desc.txt file is very straightforward, it simply says:

1080 1920 30
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1


1080 1920 – The screen resolution.

30 – Frames per second.

p 1 0 – Play this section, and stop after once.

p 0 0 – Play this section, and stop after none, which causes a loop of this folder.

If you unzip the file, you will see two folders, part0 and part1, with each frame in it, sequentially numbered 1000.jpg, 1001.jpg, etc. You will also see the desc.txt file. These boot animation files are really simple. It is the artwork that is the hard part. Personally, I don’t think art is my God given talent, but as long as he gives me the time to do it, I’m still learning how to make things that are fun and look good.

The ascii art was made by someone in the SlimRoms team, I didn’t make that one. I simply used Gimp to edit it, swirl it, pinch it, and color it.

Linux – Keep it simple.

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