So after making those changes shown in my previous posts, I recompiled AOKP5 for my S4. It still built successfully, so then the fixes must have been appropriate. After downloading it to my phone, I took the time to do a full test run, and here were the results:

System items that are working:
MTP, ADB, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, lock screen, and things like the volume keys/home key/power button all work as expected when tested.

System items that are not working:
Camera, there are Random reboots, there is no sound (even though the volume can be adjusted), Cellular data/calls/apn – it detects the sim card, and says I am on an AT&T network, but I cannot edit the APN, and cannot get connectivity or make a phone call.

Apps that are Working:
gallery, launcher, calculator, calendar, clock, contacts, phone app, downloads, email, messages (app opens, but I could not send or receive due to cell issue), mGerrit, settings, supersu, turbo launcher, and ultra explorer.

Apps that are not working:
Music app – opens but cannot play music, and causes a reboot.
camera app – Cannot connect to camera.

The rom also has a very vanilla AOSP flavor. It lacks anything AOKP, in fact, if the boot animation was not AOKP, I would not even know that it was supposed to be AOKP, and would think that it was AOSP. By God’s grace two things were fixed since my last compile, but obviously it still needs some major work. Here is my to-do list in an order of priority:

1. Fix cellular. If you can’t make a phone call, it really serves little to no purpose, unless you want to use it as a “tablet”.
2. Fix the sound. It really is important to be able to hear the alarm, telephone, or other sounds when using a phone.
3. Add in the usual AOKP tweeks, such as menu options for settings, etc.
4. Fix SuperUser permission. Currently, I am using the SuperSU zip to add root permission and handling by installing it in TWRP. This is acceptable, but shouldn’t have to be done that way.

If you want to try it out, here are the links:

For the AOKP5 rom –
For the SuperSu zip –

In TWRP, wipe, then install AOKP5 zip. Wipe the Cache and Dalvik, and then install the SuperSu zip. Reboot and have fun!
NOTE: the cellular and data are not currently working!

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