While compiling OmniRom 6.0.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S4, T-Mobile variant (JFLTETMO, SGH-M919), I ran into this problem, which halted the compiling process:

bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk:127: ****************************************************************************
bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk:128: * TW_THEME is not valid: ”
bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk:129: * Please choose an appropriate TW_THEME or create a new one for your device.
bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk:130: * Available themes:
bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk:131: * landscape_hdpi landscape_mdpi portrait_hdpi portrait_mdpi watch_mdpi
bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk:132: ****************************************************************************
bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk:133: *** stopping. Stop.

The problem appears to be that the bootable/recovery/gui/Android.mk file is expecting someone to tell it the default theme to set the recovery to. Fortunately it was kind enough to tell us the available options and the name of the variable it was expecting: TW_THEME. So, I added these two lines to the JFLTETMO BoardConfig.mk file:

# WJH TWRP theme options = landscape_hdpi landscape_mdpi portrait_hdpi portrait_mdpi watch_mdpi
TW_THEME := portrait_hdpi

The best part was that this actually solved the problem! I really like it when the problem actually gets fixed, rather than just putting in a workaround, or removing a feature.

Linux – Keep it simple.

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