For those of you who are downloading or using the PAC-ROM 6.0.1 or AOKP 6.0.1 that God graciously enabled me to build, I have released a new kernel for them, the AKLU-Lionheart kernel. You can install it in TWRP without having to re-load your rom. This will allow you to keep all of the data you already have. The updated rom links that are on the “Homemade Roms” page include this kernel in it already, but for any who are using an older build that just want to upgrade to the new kernel, here it is:


The first boot the WiFi may not work, but after a reboot it works every time there after! To God be the glory, the new kernel builds are working great!

Changes to the kernel include 2 new governors:

LionHeart – Lionheart is a conservative-based governor which is based on samsung’s update3 source.

SmartMax – By default this is configured for battery saving, so this is NOT a gaming or benchmark governor! Additionally, to make it “snappy”, smartmax has “touch poke”. So input events from the touchscreen will boost the cpu for a specific time to a specific frequency. Developed by XDA user maxwen.

You can still choose ondemand, powersave, performance, conservative, interactive, and userspace, but this allows you to choose two “battery friendlier” options. SmartMax will help your battery the most, and LionHeart is a bit more performance oriented, but still conservative. Enjoy!

Linux – keep it simple.

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