I was having a bit of fun with Gimp and put together this new boot animation for Liquid Smooth.

The principle thing that I did was create a template that was black with the Liquid Smooth logo cut out. Then I grabbed a raindrop gif that was freely available online. I then used this command to break it down from a gif into the various frames:

$ convert raindrops.gif 100.png

This created a file named 100-*.png for each frame (100-1.png, 100-2.png, etc.). ImageMagic is a very neat program, and if you are a Linux user, I suggest you apt-get/yum it. It works marvels! After breaking down the gif, I placed each frame behind the cutout I made earlier, and created each frame for my boot animation. Feel free to download it and check it out!

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0n5zsxarxbk6b3b/akls6.zip

Linux – keep it simple.

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