While I don’t have one yet, I have decided that I will be getting one of these Galaxy Note Edge phones. They are a couple years old, and the price on them is going down significantly. In the meantime, I noticed that there were not very many custom roms available for them. Actually, there are only 2 roms that are not just modifications of stock roms. Those two roms are CM 12.1 (Lollipop) and Resurrection Remix (Marshmallow).

So, I decided to build some of my own. To God be the glory, it worked! Well, sort of.

Working with a group of willing testers, I have put together this rom:


At this time, it does not have functioning WiFi or Cellular, but it is a start. It is my hope to continue working on this and get it squared away. For now, it is a fun Alpha teaser to try out.

Some of the main problems with custom roms on this phone is the “edge” feature. The curved glass edge has never truly been done justice by a non-touchwiz rom, which I suspect is why most stick with the stock roms, or modifications thereof.

My long term goals are to find a way to put the edge back into play, and to also make the s-pen fully functional. Short term goals are to get the usual hardware working. If you have a N915T, feel free to try out this alpha build, but remember, it is not a daily driver yet.

Linux – keep it simple.

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