As I have mentioned previously, I am continuing my studies with an online course from Udemy by Rob Perceval about how to build Android apps. Here is my latest creation:
It’s a simple app, but I am excited because it is the first truely interactive app that I have built. Not only can the user input something, but the user gets a reply from Android!

The course is really fun and, for the most part, intuitive. The course is designed around using Android Studio, but I have also been using AIDE, the Android equivalent.

It is a little less intuitive than using Android Studio, but it is still a great tool with auto complete and error checking. Not to mention, when I click run, to test my app, it builds the app and installs it on my phone! No emulator needed, and you know exactly what your app will look like when you hold it in your hands.

It is also great for working on the go. It even has a visual editor for layout designing.

Linux – keep it simple.

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