To God be the glory, my AOKP Nougat project finally works!

If you are interested in a *mostly* working AOKP 7.1.1 rom for the JFLTETMO or JFLTEXX, head over to XDA or look under my Homemade Roms page for a download link!

**** This is an UNOFFICIAL ROM. Install at your own risk! ****



Installation instructions:
-Download ROM and gapps, and put them on your phone or external storage.
-Reboot into recovery mode – TWRP (I personally installed this using 3.0.2-0).
-Backup what you had. (Just to be safe.)
-Wipe. (I personally wipe everything prior to flashing new roms, but at least do the basic wipe.)
-Install Rom.
-Install Gapps. – Optional
-Reboot to system and enjoy!

-OPTIONAL – After first boot, then go back to recovery and install the AKLU kernel.

What works:
So far everything that I have tried works, such as
- Camera for pictures only!
- Phone calls/receiving
- Data 2g/3g/LTE
- Bluetooth* - Music and File transfer.
- WiFi
- Multi-Window, just long press the "recents" button.

What doesn't:
- Video recording with the camera doesn't work, pictures work, but not video.
- MTP sometimes works, but is finicky, but PTP is also an option and works every time.
- Bluetooth works, but sometimes the Bluetooth share app crashes.
- Browser works, but sometimes doesn't display typing letters until you press enter/search. (I recommend you download a different browser.)
- Choosing to reboot the phone sometimes takes a loooong time. It may be better to Power off and then start the phone, which is faster for some reason.
-Let me know in the forums if you find other issues so I can work on fixing them.



Here are some screenshots:

Linux – keep it simple.

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