[CODE] ninja: error: ‘/home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_lineageos/out/target/common/obj/APPS/ValidityService_intermediates/with-local/classes.dex’, needed by ‘/home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_lineageos/out/target/common/obj/APPS/ValidityService_intermediates/classes.dex’, missing and no known rule to make it make: *** [ninja_wrapper] Error 1 make: Leaving directory `/home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_lineageos’ [/CODE]

That was the error I received. I was trying to build LineageOS (the CyanogenMod replacement) for the TBLTEXX/TBLTETMO Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. There were several ways to fix this, but first let’s understand the problem a little better.

The isse is that the classes.dex file is missing from that location. What is it for? Well, in this case, it is for the ValidityService app. Note that it is under APPS, and ValidityService. Now you may ask, what does that do? Well, my limited understanding is that it is a nessessary component of the fingerprint sensor, for validating that you have the correct fingerprint.

So, what could we do to fix this? Well, we could edit the TBLTEXX device tree and remove the ValidityService folder, and remove the reference to it in the config files. That would definately solve the error issue, but then would prevent you from using the fingerprint sensor.

We could rifle through all of the files and see what is missing that needs to be built in order to make that work. This is the BEST option, but very time consuming.

Or, we could just copy the out/target/common/obj/APPS/ValidityService_intermediates folder from another sucessfull build, if we have one, which, as a matter of fact, I do, AOKP. So, I copied the folder over and continued with the build. No issues there! At least, not with the fingerprint sensor…. Now if I can only make a phone call with my cell phone.

Linux – keep it simple.

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