TBLTETMO data fix zips!

Praise God! The TBLTETMO data fix finally works! What is this for? -These data fix zips allow you to use a TBLTEXX rom on your phone (provided that you can […]


We have seen Cid’s stink eye, and now we have seen a quail star. Check out the error: [CODE] [ 3% 1534/40974] Checking API: checkpublicapi-current FAILED: /bin/bash -c “(( /home/alaskalinuxuser/compile/build_rr7/out/host/linux-x86/bin/apicheck […]

Free Pirate Pixel Art

In my continued efforts to learn app design and code, I have been making some new artwork to be used (Lord willing) in an Android game. This artwork is completely […]

use add-resource to add

use <add-resource> to add Another error during a build. I’ve covered this before, using a different technique to remove that line. This time I really want the line to stay […]

Battery trouble!

A friend of mine recently called me up with a battery problem. He had done some troubleshooting on his own, and already come to the right conclusion, but he wanted […]

Ship, Captain, and Crew!

Ready to set sail for high adventure? Having trouble deciding which one of you and your friends are going to pay the tip at dinner? That’s why I put together this […]