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I have not done JWM themes in quite some time. However, while looking through another forum, I was alerted to the fact that people were still trying to download my old JWM themes, but there were broken links and issues with finding the backgrounds and resource files. So, I decided to fix that once and for all.

Since I have not been making themes for some time, my library of themes has become static, or unchanging. With that in mind, I zipped all of the themes (separated by folders and sub-folders) and all of the backgrounds I used, as well as the .jwmrc files and .conkyrc files into one big zip file. By big, I mean only about 26 MB. So it is not huge. Here is a link to the file:



You are very welcome to do with these as you see fit. Use them, change them, etc. I don’t own the copyrights to any of the background images. Quite frankly, it has been so long, I don’t even remember where I got all of them. But, if JWM is your thing, have at it and have fun!

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6 Replies to “JWM themes, one update to rule them all….”

  1. Hi. I like the style of your JWM themes that I’m going to turn them into iceWM themes. Thanks for that!, and sorry for my bad english, I’m using a online translator .-.

    ¡Greetings from México!

  2. how do I install one of these? I have no idea how. I love JWM but I have one window style and I’m really wanting some changes

      1. Thanks I figured it out. Do you have a version without the backgrounds? I’m on very very slow internet… that will take forever and I do not need the background… just the styles.

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