While in the Android Developer Course, I am finding a little problem with using SQLlite. In Android Studio, when writing Java, Android Studio knows when the code you typed has an error, and it underlines it in red, showing you something you should fix.

However, when you are using SQLlite in your java code. Android Studio has no idea what you are talking about. This causes me a bit of heartburn as I run my apps only to find that something is wrong with my SQL code, but no idea of what to fix.

Thus enter https://sqliteonline.com/ ! I can copy and paste syntax into the web gui and give it a quick run to see if it even works. It has been most helpful to say the least. If you are just starting out with SQLlite, I highly recommend it over other web gui interfaces for testing, because it has a simple display on the left side, showing you all of your tables, views, indexes, and triggers. For a simpleton like me, that is really helpful to have a visual representation.

Linux – keep it simple.

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