As many of you probably already know, the parse server service was shut down some time ago. However, on the way out the door, they released all of their material as open source for the community at large to benefit from. This is great for open source junkies like me, but also is an incredible resource for Android app developers, who can deploy these parse servers to places like Heroku, or self host the services, either locally or over the internet.

As part of my Android app developer course, I had to do several exercises with parse servers and app integration, so I committed my parse work to my github with this commit:

Or you can go to my “all things parse” folder by clicking this link:

The folder contains an app that I made with many parse options and examples in it. Contrary to the name, there are actually a lot of other parse options, too, but this will definitely get you started!

Linux – keep it simple.

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