I’ve been spending some free time having fun and testing out a text adventure game by the Quiet Learner, called Dr. Theobold, written in PicoLisp. The problem I found though, was that I am not often at my main computer, where I have PicoLisp installed. I needed a solution to use PicoLisp on my Android cell phone, and thanks to Termux, I found it!

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically – additional packages are available using the APT package manager.

As you can see in the quote from the their website, Termux is a great open source tool that allows you to have a terminal and Linux environment all wrapped up in an app.

To get PicoLisp working on Termux is quite simple. See below for the commands:

$ pkg install picolisp

That’s it! Now you can use picolisp just as you would on your Linux computer. If you want to check which version is available, you can simply type:

$ pkg search picolisp

Which, at the time of this writing, for my aarch64 phone is 17.8.7. Hopefully, that will get you up and running PicoLisp on your phone, should you need it.

Linux – keep it simple.

5 Replies to “Using PicoLisp on your Android phone, the easy way!”

  1. Latest version of Dr. Theobold has an in-game “width” command for controlling the text wrap!

    That termux distribution looks interesting, using apt package manager. I was going to see about filing a packing request, as it probably wouldn’t be hard for them to patch the deb package I made.

      1. Hmm… it looks like the package request mechanism is hidden behind a lot of GitHub proprietary javascript. Well, maybe they’ll see it some day if I am able to get it into the debian distribution.

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