While starting my new attempt at an Oreo build for the H811/H815 (T-Mobile LG G4), I ran into an error, right off the bat:


I took a look at the make files that build the kernel. You can find them in the tasks folder under vendor/lineage/build/tasks/kernel.mk, which has a very lengthy explanation on how to name the kernel to build uncompressed images. Here is the pertinent part:

# BOARD_KERNEL_IMAGE_NAME = Built image name
# for ARM use: zImage
# for ARM64 use: Image.gz
# for uncompressed use: Image
# If using an appended DT, append ‘-dtb’
# to the end of the image name.
# For example, for ARM devices,
# use zImage-dtb instead of zImage.

So all I had to do was remove this line from my device/lge/g4-common/BoardConfigCommon.mk file:


Because my kernel has the naming convention like so:


Which alludes to an uncompressed image already. I love it when the solution is easy!

Linux – keep it simple.

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