CompTIA has come out with a new way to “stack” certifications together. Now you can combine certificates that are current to make several different “stackable” badges. I think the overall idea is to have a single badge to take the place of two or three certifications to simplify conveying your competency.

Previously, while working in the IT industry, you would have to say something like, “I am certified Net+ and Linux+”. But now you can just say that you hold a CLNP instead. At least, that seems to be the goal.

I’m not sure if it is really useful or not, as they invented nearly a dozen stackable certifications, there are about as many combinations as there are certifications.

It does sound cooler though! It kind of reminds me of power ups in old video games (maybe new games too, I just haven’t played many recently). Sort of like in Heavy Barrel, if you get enough pieces, then you can have the super gun!

Makes me wonder what’s at the top of the stackable chain?

Linux – keep it simple.

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