I was fortunate enough to be given a used BLU Life XL (L0050UU) from my sister when she upgraded her phone. The great part about having a new toy is getting to build Android for it from scratch, since no one has made custom roms for it yet. But to God be the glory, today I just completed making TWRP for it, so it will have a custom recovery to make backups and flash the new roms I’m hoping to make.

You can download the TWRP image here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/vh3urh1yuybmn/Life_XL_(L0050UU)

And, as always you can check out the device tree on my GitLab!

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8 Replies to “BLU Life XL (L0050UU) TWRP Complete!”

  1. Hi, can you contact me? My email is anwar.angatiah@gmail.com.
    I am an aspiring developer myself and have ported ROMs for several BLU devices.. I would like to learn about pulling blobs and building ROMs with such blobs.

  2. Hey, where do you get the readme that tells you which defconfig is for your device? I’m looking through the kernel source and cannot seem to find it anywhere.

    1. Do you mean in general, or in this case? In this case, https://gitlab.com/alaskalinuxuser/device_blu_life_xl/blob/miniTWRPlineage14.1/board/kernel.mk
      specifies that it will be:
      # kernel
      TARGET_KERNEL_SOURCE := kernel/wiko/msm8916
      TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG := lineage_l5510_defconfig
      BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE += sched_enable_hmp=1 phy-msm-usb.floated_charger_enable=1

      If you check out my gitlab: https://gitlab.com/alaskalinuxuser/device_blu_life_xl
      I’ve built roms for this phone all the way up to Oreo. They are bootable roms, although some functions don’t work in each rom. I also used this as an example for my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnGqG_jyyXmTzdamBpKfeHA/videos
      where you can watch me build for it.

      Hope that helps! If that’s not the answer you were looking for, please let me know.

      1. Hi, thanks for the info, but what I’m asking is in regards to the stock kernel source from BLU. If there is a file in the stock kernel source that suggests which defconfig to use?

        1. Sorry for the delayed response! No, usually nothing in the kernel source says which defconf to use, but if you watch my videos on making a device tree from scratch, I show how you can look at the defconf files and see which ones apply to your chip based on what hardware is selected as ‘yes’. Hope that helps!

      2. Also, I own a BLU Life XL, unfortunately it’s not Snapdragon, it’s a Mediatek SoC, honestly glad to see that devs are finally recognising these BLU devices though.

        1. Originally, I was excited to get the life xl because I wanted to do a mediatek soc, but mine was Qualcomm instead. Very confusing thing that BLU does, having multiple hardware types of the same model phone….

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