Hey everyone! Praise God! Great news! I just passed 1000 subscribers on YouTube and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for taking this journey with me.

It’s a bit funny, since I thought that posting the original videos about building Android was a one time deal, and after that I would be done making them. Through your encouragement and questions, I’ve now got over 240 videos all about building android and apps.

I have a new link for my channel:

But don’t worry, the old one still works if you have it bookmarked.

I’ve got a few more adventures in android building coming up, including upgrading the BLU phone to Oreo ( I was able to boot Oreo the other day, it doesn’t work very well, but it is pretty good progress for a lollipop phone ), including marshmallow and nougat along the way.

Please keep the questions and suggestions coming in, as these help me understand what videos I should focus on next. Down the road I hope to make some videos on building without ninja and jack, as well as building generic system images ( gsi ). Thanks again everyone!


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