Well, that was a new one to me! I had just build LineageOS and Resurrection Remix for the XA2 Ultra, and now I got this error in the first minute of trying to build AOKP. Here’s the full error:

vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/policy_hal/AudioPolicyManager.cpp:2240:65: error: member reference type ‘android::AudioMix *’ is a pointer; did you mean to use ‘->’?
sp<AudioPolicyMix> policyMix = inputDesc->mPolicyMix.promote();
vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/policy_hal/AudioPolicyManager.cpp:2240:66: error: no member named ‘promote’ in ‘android::AudioMix’
sp<AudioPolicyMix> policyMix = inputDesc->mPolicyMix.promote();
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^
vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/policy_hal/AudioPolicyManager.cpp:2243:37: error: no member named ‘mCbFlags’ in ‘android::AudioPolicyMix’
&& ((policyMix->mCbFlags & AudioMix::kCbFlagNotifyActivity) != 0)) {
~~~~~~~~~ ^
vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/policy_hal/AudioPolicyManager.cpp:2244:77: error: no member named ‘mDeviceAddress’ in ‘android::AudioPolicyMix’
~~~~~~~~~ ^
vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/policy_hal/AudioPolicyManager.cpp:2265:39: error: no member named ‘mMixType’ in ‘android::AudioPolicyMix’
} else if (policyMix->mMixType == MIX_TYPE_PLAYERS) {
~~~~~~~~~ ^
vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/policy_hal/AudioPolicyManager.cpp:2266:42: error: no member named ‘mDeviceAddress’ in ‘android::AudioPolicyMix’
address = policyMix->mDeviceAddress;
~~~~~~~~~ ^
6 errors generated.

Ironically, the vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/policy_hal/AudioPolicyManager.cpp file is common to all three ROMs, Lineage, RR, and AOKP. So how is it that it fails on AOKP, but gives me no errors on Lineage or RR? As it turns out, there was a commit to /frameworks/av in Lineage and RR that was not performed on AOKP. You can take a look at the commit yourself if you’d like.

Essentially, you have a situation where the target ROM (AOKP) has dependencies mixed from the source ROM (LineageOS). Some of these dependencies were updated with the new code, and some were not, making a half done product that didn’t build. This is one of the problems when you are working on the latest versions of custom ROMs, is that there may be a few errors that are due to dependencies being changed.

So, there were two options for fixing this:

  1. Update /frameworks/av to match LineageOS.
  2. Rollback the changes in qcom’s audio policy.

The first is the most progressive, as the changes will probably come to that anyways, but it may require making other changes to more and more files. Just perusing the files looked like changing 10 files on about 80 different lines, but these may affect other files or lines as well.

That said, the simpler answer was to go with the second option and roll back the changes in the qcom audio policy. This only required changing about 6 or 7 lines in one file, which was much easier to accomplish.

If you look at the commit that made the changes, you can see the few lines that are edited to make this work properly. Fortunately the quick rollback fixed the issue and allows the build to continue.


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