Another random error while compiling AOKP pie for the XA2 Ultra. These calls work properly when compiling Lineage, but don’t work in the AOKP source tree, so I did some digging.

error: vendor/qcom/opensource/cryptfs_hw/Android.bp:27:37: unrecognized property “product_variables.lineage.uses_metadata_as_fde_key”

In the end, I found that the only way around it was to remove the unrecognized property, since this isn’t LineageOS, it isn’t declared anywhere in AOKP. So, I edited vendor/qcom/opensource/cryptfs_hw/Android.bp at line 27, like so:

//WJH uses_metadata_as_fde_key: {
//WJH },

By commenting them out, they are basically deleted. This seemed to work well, and so far, hasn’t hampered any of the rom functions.

Linux – keep it simple.

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