Praise God! I’ve finally completed the CompTIA Infrastructure Pathway!

The other day I received my results from the CompTIA Cloud+ Beta test, and while I barely passed, it was a passing score, so that means I’ve now completed the entire infrastructure pathway and have no more to complete! Now I just have to maintain the Cloud+ and Security+ to keep all of my certifications active, which only happens every 3 years.

I suppose I could go through the cybersecurity pathway, but it really has no practical use in my current employment. Nor does the professional skills pathway. The infrastructure pathway does apply for where I work, even though it is not required. That is unfortunate, because if it were required, I feel it would benefit my co-workers and myself to stay current and up to date with industry standards. We use Linux, servers, and self hosted clouds every day here at work and I can only see a benefit of knowing the things needed to pass these exams.

Either way, I am glad to finally reach the end of the line, after having spent over 5 years working on it, one certificate at a time.

Linux – keep it simple.

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