While I do have a love/hate relationship with Amazon, the ability to purchase kindle books and read them is very handy. I have several older 4th generation Kindles, D01200 models, that I recently had to switch to a new Amazon account. Unfortunately, registering them was painful.

TL;DR – Yes, you CAN still register them to an Amazon account in 2024.

There was a lot of information that could be found when looking online. A lot of it was misinformation, so I wanted to state that it could really be done still, as many sites are quoting Amazon representatives saying you cannot register them anymore.

There are also a ton of sites saying use a OTP, one time password, or to turn off two factor authentication, or to do a myriad of other things that I tried, none of which worked. So I am writing this post to say what did work for me.

  1. Set up a 2FA app for your Amazon account. I use and recommend Aegis.
  2. With your new 2FA set up, log into Amazon once in your browser to make sure it is all working properly.
  3. On your Kindle, go to Settings -> Registration and choose that you already have an account.
  4. In the prompt, put your email address you use for the account.
  5. In the password block, type your password with the 2FA code as one word, like this: yourpassword2FAcode
  6. Click register and enjoy!

I hope to save the next poor soul from having to try 20 different methods for the next 2 hours by just telling them what worked for me.

Linux – keep it simple.

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