Stop: Recovery theme is not valid!

While compiling OmniRom 6.0.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S4, T-Mobile variant (JFLTETMO, SGH-M919), I ran into this problem, which halted the compiling process: [CODE] bootable/recovery/gui/ **************************************************************************** bootable/recovery/gui/ * TW_THEME is […]

How old is too old?

A while back I was helping my brother move some old equipment out of a place he use to live. One of the items that I saw there was an […]

My simple calendar script

As some of you know from previous posts, I use JWM as my default window manager. I like to keep things simple and cut down on wasted resources. This helps […]

The Every Day Screenshot

A good friend of mine has a blog that focuses on his EDC, or every day carry. It is actually quite interesting because of my friend’s unusual assortment of items […]

Error: That is already defined!

After a quick re-run of compiling OmniRom for my Samsung Galaxy S4, T-Mobile variant (JFLTETMO SGH-M919), I ran into another issue: [CODE] including ./hardware/qcom/display/ … build/core/ warning: overriding commands for […]

Scatter-brained or Diligent?

Having little to no professional equipment, it is necessary to do everything that I do from an older computer, namely an HP Compaq 6715b laptop. From running Qemu to compiling […]