In my continuing quest to provide more roms and kernels for the Samsung Galaxy S4, T-Mobile variant, God has graciously blessed, allowing me to complete the latest addition of Resurrection Remix 5.7.4! Below you can see a link for the Rom and Kernel.

Resurrection Remix 5.7.4 JFLTETMO only.

AKLU-mm-jf-ResurrectionRemix5.7.4 kernel!
A kernel specifically built for RR 5.7.4! Can be flashed to any jf variant phone. Good for JFLTETMO, JFLTEXX, and possibly others!

-Lionheart and many other governors
-CPU overclocked to 1998MHz
-GPU overclocked to 487Mhz
-GPU/CPU voltage control
-Fast charge
-Psudo file system encryption support
-Fauxsound 2.1

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