Open source. The source code for applications, operating systems, etc., which are open to the public to modify, change, edit, and duplicate. That’s pretty cool.

Yes, it may seem like everybody and their brother are trying to turn a buck on you for anything related to your cell phone, but believe it or not, at the heart of your phone is a pure and open source code, backed by a huge community of people who are willing to share their talents. It is one of Androids greatest feature. This open source mentality is what brings you custom ROMs and free games.

While musing over this prospect, I came across this website, which is actually a github:
After clicking on the categories folder, you will find over a dozen different subjects, from business to education, and even games and Android wear. Each of these categories lead to a list of applications that are open source, complete with code language and links to download them.

While it is not all inclusive, it is an amazingly well put together resource for those looking for open source applications to support, or the developers looking for code to use. Personally, I found several apps that were worthy of mention, such as Simple Draw and K-9 Email. I highly recommend taking a moment to check or out!

Linux – keep it simple.

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