As I continue my studies in Android app making, I was a bit surprised that we had not yet covered how to change your application’s icon. I suppose making the app actually work is the most important part, so I am glad that we are focused on that. However, the first impression of your app to the user is the icon you use.

Within a few minutes on Google, the answer was readily available. Perhaps it is because it is so simple that it was felt to be too simple for the course. Or, since I have not finished the course, perhaps there is a section for that later.
In either event, the answer is simple and I will share it here.
In your app folder is ./src/main/res/drawable-xxhdpi and similar “drawable” folders. These folders contain the icon in different sizes for different screen settings of different phones. In my case, the icon in each folder is called “ic_launcher.png”. The quick and easy way to change the icon for your app is to delete this icon, and replace it with the icon you want to use, and rename that new icon with the same name as the one you deleted.
After a little trial and error, I found that 128×128 icons display great as xxhdpi icons, but your mileage may vary depending on your system. Now just recompile your app and you can praise God that your icon has changed!
Linux – keep it simple.

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