What does that even mean? Well, if you are searching the internet for that message, then you are trying to use SPF flash tool to write something to your MediaTek phone. You probably were following a guide to the “T” – just like me. You are also considering things like using your phone as a hockey puck, or smashing your keyboard – just like me.

Fear not, however, after hours of searching, I found every OTHER SPF flash tool BROM error, EXCEPT this one. Until, finaly, there was this one guy, in some thread, somewhere who deserves a metal. His screen name is “hovatek” and he is being quoted by “Mcjona”. Here is the link:


And in this link, he explains what seems like hundreds of possible errors, including error #1012, to which he states:

Error 1012


Meaning: The version of SP flash tool you’re using doesn’t support the size(s) of the file(s) in the firmware / stock ROM.

* Use the latest version of SP flash tool

So, I packed up my internet bags and surfed over to here:

And downloaded the latest version. I love it when the solution is that simple. If only it didn’t take all day to get there….

Linux – keep it simple.

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