I am not an artist. Nor am I a 3d modeler. I tried using Blender and other 3d modeling programs, but it just isn’t something that I have a knack for. However, when I saw this app I had to check it out! It’s called Scann3d, and it can be very addicting!

Essentially, you walk around an object while taking pictures of it, then, the app uses your phone processor to put those photographs together to make a 3d object. You don’t need the internet, because this works on your phone itself. Here was my very first try:

Don’t laugh too hard, it actually is really difficult to make a good model. The interface is really simple and it even has a numbered circle for the pictures while you walk around the object. What makes it difficult is the need for even spacing between shots, as well as great lighting and steady hands. This child’s chair was something I took in about 45 seconds with no regard to the instructions.

Once the model is built, you can twist and turn it with your finger or stylus, and the resulting object is a standard file that you can import into programs like Blender as well. Obviously my skills need a little more work, but if you want to make real objects part of your digital library, then this is a really fun way to do it!

Linux – keep it simple.

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