A brain teaser app!

For my continued education, I was required to make a brain teaser app which had several elements. Here is a download link if you want to try the finished product: […]

Apache bouncy castles….

So, another day, and another error. While building SlimRoms 7 for the Note Edge, I ran into this error: [CODE] [ 0% 60/15886] Docs droiddoc: /home/a…rget/common/docs/apache-http-stubs-gen external/apache-http/../../frameworks/base/core/java/android/net/http/SslCertificate.java:19: error: cannot find […]

The Super Dimensional Fortress

A title like that suggests something between a B17 bomber (the “flying fortress”) and Superman’s hideout (” fortress of solitude “). Well this isn’t either, but it is pretty cool […]