Well, I suppose the Bond reference does sound a bit out of place here, but perhaps if we break it down it will not seem to be so.

In the 1963 movie “From Russia With Love” James Bond is facing a fierce and brilliant opponent, Russian agent Kronsteen, who during the opening scene takes down the Canadian Grandmaster McAdams in a chess tournament. The point being is that Bond is not up against an imbecile, but rather a strategic genius.

Of course, Bond’s favorite drink was was a dry martini with a slice of lemon, “shaken, not stirred.” I’m not a drinking man myself, but I have come to understand that shaking the mixture actually does make a difference over stirring, according to Wikipedia. My point in using this phrase is that to make my JustChessEngine playable, I am not just going to stir it in, but shake it up a bit, as I add it to my new app: JustChess. I know, that is a very original name!


The first thing on the agenda was to move the launch point of the app to be an “intro” screen, where the player could choose between single player (against the JustChessEngine) or two player, one against the other. At this point, I’m planning to focus on the first, that of playing against the engine.

Be sure to stop by my GitHub and check it out:  https://github.com/alaskalinuxuser/app_JustChess

Linux – keep it simple.

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