Spent a little bit of time with a soldering iron.


I put my project into a box, wired in all of the relays, and ran several feet of wire for connecting to the various functions. Hopefully this will work! I’m planning to do some heavy bench testing really soon.


This was my original  schematic. For the most part, I stuck with it, but I did make a few changes along the way. For one, I replaced the second analog input to be a digital input, just routing the brake lights to activate a relay which allows 3.3vdc to go to the input switch.

Another change was adding a parking lights relay, which is activated from the “key on” relay. I don’t have it hooked up in my box yet, but it is in place, just needs the power wire hooked to it. It wasn’t part of the original plan, so I am not implementing it yet. I don’t want to get too crazy before actually testing if it works.

It is going to be really fun to hook this up. I’ll have to crawl around under the dash of my truck and get these wires put in.

Linux – keep it simple.

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