Here is a side by side comparison of my project, verses the one from the course.

Now that I’ve completed the C++ beginner’s game creation course, that means I’ve also completed my second C++ game using SFML. So, without further ado, I present to you: JelloStorm!

The game is complete, but it has a few issues. I compiled my instructor’s game, and found that it has the same issues, yet none of these issues were addressed during the course. I’m not sure if the problems are because I am using a newer SFML that the course originally called for, or perhaps the C++ standards have changed over time.

I thought it may just be bad programming skills on my part, but the instructor’s game also has the same issues. There are no compiling errors, no run time errors that I can see, it just doesn’t always work. The big problem, which I logged as an issue on my GitHub, is that the jello monsters sometimes don’t move. I haven’t found a fix for that yet.

The other issue was a typo on my part, in that the jello monsters would sometimes appear out of the game area. It was just a matter of a reversed – and +, as you can see from the commit:

– int maxY = arena.height + 100;

– int minY = – 100;

+ int maxY = arena.height – 100;

+ int minY = + 100;

That one was an easy fix. You can download and compile the whole game if you’d like to give it a try, but with the jello monster’s that are “stuck” it can make the game impossible to continue sometimes.

Linux – keep it simple.

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