Hey everyone! I’m really excited about an up and coming series on the site. It’s probably obvious that I’m big into open source. With that, I’ve always wondered about the stories behind some of these great open source apps. What causes a developer to go an open source route? Why did they pick a particular programming language or platform? Is programming their day job, or just a hobby?

Hopefully, over the next month, we will be able to find out! I’ve sent out requests to numerous open source developers to participate in an email interview with me. Several have graciously agreed, from Google software engineers to hobbyists! While these interviews will certainly not be exhaustive, I’m hopping to learn a few things myself from these outstanding devs! And to kick it all off, on the first Friday of September we will be talking with the developer of Simple Mobile Tools and his full time job of developing open source applications!

Linux – keep it simple.

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