Which 3D engine to use?

Well, it’s time to pick which engine/sdk I am going to use to make my dice game. Now the big question is what game engine to use. There may be […]

AsteroidOS on my LG Urbane

I took a little break from my main project to try out AsteroidOS on my LG Watch Urbane (Bass). I have to admit, I really like it. If you don’t […]

Segmentation fault (core dumped)!

One of the most frustrating problems I’ve run in to date on my Water Drum game! Take a look at the output in the terminal: alaskalinuxuser@alaskalinuxuser-OptiPlex-7010:~/Documents/c++/sfml_projects/sfml_water_drumming$ ./build.sh DrumGame.cpp: In function […]