I recently received a comment from a Just Notes user about how much they loved the simplicity of the notes app. However, they also pointed out that the text field that you type into doesn’t automatically capitalize sentences or names, and somewhat lacks a bit in terms of use.

He was right.

I typically use this for typing grocery lists, and things that don’t turn out to be complete sentences. So I noticed, but it didn’t really matter to me. I realize that others may use it differently, so I wanted to fix this.

So I did.

You can check out the commit here, where I updated to the target api of 26 (per Google’s requirements to be listed on the Play Store now – *sigh*) and changed the text field type. Here is the only thing that actually changed in my app, from this:


to this:

android:inputType=”textCapSentences|textAutoCorrect|textAutoComplete|textMultiLine” />

And that’s it. That makes it work with auto correct, auto complete, and to capitalize sentences!

Linux – keep it simple.

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