Section 2 is complete of the “Beginning Qt 5 C++ GUI Development” course! This course is great! I’m really learning a lot from the instructor. Section 2 was sort of a C++ primer, for those who were not familiar with it. As you know, if you’ve been following along here, I already learned C++ in another course. However, in this “primer” of C++, I gained a much deeper understanding of what exactly classes are, how to properly use constructors and all sorts of great stuff!


Check out my “Guess the number” game!

I’m not sure if I think the course is so great because I already know a little about C++, or if it just is that informative, but it seems to me that it moves at a great pace for beginners like myself.

You can check out my completed game, although it’s not much to see yet. The object is to guess the number which is between 1 and 10. You’ll have to import it into Qt-Creator and then compile it. I haven’t started making executables yet.

As an aside, if you are familiar with Android Studio, Qt-Creator is somewhat similar in feel and use. I like how you can right click on an object and add code directly to your cpp files, which is really handy!

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