Believe it or not, the bishops can now move! 3 of the 6 piece types now have the complete freedom of movement that they should have on the regular board! Things seem to be making steady progress, although I still see some issues with kingSafety, so I’ll have to work on that!

There is also an issue with odd positions. If you start a new game as normal. All is well for picoEngine, and it can track moves as usual. However, if you use the interface to adjust the piece positions, picoEngine will only track the first move, subsequent moves cause an illegal exception. So that needs to be looked into. Also, picoEngine does not like Chess960!

As always, the full commit is available on GitHub, if you’d like to see how the bishops get their move on. It is very similar to the rook motion, but diagonally placed.

Linux – keep it simple.

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