Today I added another set of options to picoEngine. Since it can now think through up to 8 ply, I needed to give it an option to choose how many ply you want it to think through. The commit is simple enough, which you can check out, but here is the gist of it:

	cout << "option name Ply type combo default 8 var 1 var 2 var 3 var 4 var 5 var 6 var 7 var 8" << endl;
	// End of Options
	cout << "uciok" << endl;
                styleRandom = false;
                cout << "Normal Mode." << endl;
    if (std::string::npos != setString.find("1"))
                chosenPly = 1;
                cout << "Ply 1." << endl;

With further blocks for 1 through 8. I could have used case, but this worked well enough. Now just to make it smarter….

Linux – keep it simple.

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