As I have been constructing this Pinewood Derby Timer, I needed some sort of box or enclosure to make the top of the arch. So I took apart a junk piece of equipment and cut out holes for the LED displays to go into it. I also drilled some holes for the LED’s to shine out the bottom and some holes for the Arduino card USB interface and power adapter plug on the side.

The box was originally black, and I tried to paint it white. Unfortunately, all the paint peeled, and I ended up grinding it down to bare metal. I’m not sure if I should paint it or not now. I guess I’ll have to see the end result.

I also am not sure if I’ll just put some sort of “face” on it, or fake front to cover it up. The holes didn’t cut perfectly rectangular, so I want to cover that up somehow. I’ll have to think on it. Maybe I can use the ol’ 3D printer to come up with something.

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