Hacking a power cord?

Okay, I’m not really much of a ‘hacker’ in the sense that most people think of. I don’t break into things, crack passwords, etc. However, I do like to tinker. […]

Component Level Board Repair

I had a fun day at work today. Often my work revolves around cleaning and paperwork, with the usual computer issues that need reset or rebooted to be resolved. Occasionally […]

OwonOszi on Linux

Last post I wrote about trying to use my Owon handheld oscilloscope (HDS242) with Linux. I had tried several options, and among them was one called OwonOszi. At the time, […]

Tesla: Star Wars or Tron?

At work the other day, I got the opportunity to teach a class on inductance and resonance in relation to electronic circuits. So of course, I thought a tesla coil […]