One of the major problems with the TS-520 I have was that the band select switch did not actually select a different band. This was problematic, of course, and turned out to be a rather interesting fix. As it turned out, there were two rods inside connected by brass inserts housed in a plastic shell. That plastic shell had broken, but, to God be the glory, I managed to fix it.

To do that, I fired up FreeCad and, after taking a few measurements of the real deal, I put a plastic sleeve together. It took me three tries to print it “just right”, for a really tight fit for the brass inserts. The first time was too short, the second time was too tight, and the third try was right on the money.

I exported it to an STL file and ran it through Slic3r for my Colido3D printer. This gave me the G-Code file, which I input into Cura, and out popped the cylinder. You can check out all three files in my MediaFire account, if you’d like. I thought I’d share since some one else may need that part also.

The final result was pretty tight, which is what I wanted. The brass inserts are knurled and I wanted the knurling to cut into the plastic on it’s way in. I had to lightly tap it in with a hammer at the end.

Now that it’s fixed, I look forward to spending a little more time with the 520 to see how well it works on other bands.

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