ATU-100 Antenna Auto-Tuner

I recently purchased a few pieces of radio equipment to try to help my fledgling setup. As it stands right now, I can’t reach anybody, and I was starting to […]

Fixing An Old Microphone

When I bought the TS-820S, one of the extra things that he gave me was this microphone. It doesn’t have any label on it and any decals or writing have […]

Piping audio into RSCW

In my spare time, I’m still playing around with RSCW, the Morse code decoder program. One of the hurdles that I’ve finally overcome (Praise God!) was how to send sound […]

Building a Balun

After watching TRX Bench on Youtube, I learned how to make a balun. I am still a bit fuzzy on all the technical terms, but it is to convert an […]