Years ago I decided to help out the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge community by making some custom roms for them. With that, I also made some special data zips that allowed them to flash a rom for other carriers, and then fix their data by flashing these zip files.

Essentially, if you flash a custom rom built for a different variant of your phone, it has the wrong files needed to handle your phone calls and data with your variant of phone. I got the idea for someone who did this exact same thing for a different phone, and just applied it to the Note Edge.

Just a week ago, a person on XDA contacted me and wanted to know if I could make one more data zip for their variant of phone, since none of the ones I made before covered that particular model. It took a little bit of back and forth, since I don’t have the phone anymore, and I certainly didn’t have their model of phone, but we were able to put together a data zip that worked great for the Canadian W8 variant of the phone.

You can download the finished result here:

Or read more about it on the XDA thread for it. If you need to do the same for a different phone or model, you are welcome to download my zip, extract it, and look for similar files for your phone and put it back together.

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