Previously I made a post about creating a shell script that turns your WordPress blog into a gemlog. In this short post, I just wanted to let any readers know that I’ve updated the scripts to have even more functions. There is now a script that turns your feed into 10 separate gmi pages and links them all to your index.

I’ve also put together a script that you can call via cron that will then update your current page with the latest post you made. There are several interesting ways to use these scripts, and by all means, there are many changes that could be made as well. I just added a feature where it will save your about page and keep it when making these updates to your gemlog, which seems pretty handy!

Html2text has been the backbone tool throughout these scripts, and it really is pretty useful for converting the HTML laden WP blog into the text only, mark down style of the gemini pages.

Either way, feel free to check the scripts out on GitLab! Please use and abuse them in any way that helps get or keep your gemlog rolling!

Linux – keep it simple.

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