After many hours of fiddling with my modded Arduino-TNC and my HTX-212, I finally got it to transmit a test email from my cell phone using WoAD.

I adjusted the HTX to “high” for transmit, half volume output, squelch full counter clockwise (off), turned of “T” and “T-Squelch”.

I used the TNC configuration app and adjusted the Arduino-TNC to an output gain of 128, and left all the other settings on the default configuration.

Even so, I could connect, but could not send my test message. Finally, I changed my antenna that I was using in the truck, and it connected the very first time and sent my test message.

Unfortunately, I have a message pending, and it cannot download it for some reason.

Looks like I need to do a little more work on this setup.

But, praise God, it is working to transmit, which is great!

Linux – keep it simple.

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